Alterpolitics in Southeast Asia: a cross-sectoral and trans-national dialogue


Round Table


Session 1
Wed 11:00-12:30 Room 3.01


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Southeast Asia is a region of great cultural, religious and political diversity. It is, however, constantly pitted against embedded crises, such as environmental destruction, the decline of democratic institutions, the rise of religious extremism, worrying levels of gender inequality, the weaponized response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the discriminative impact of neoliberal policies. People from civil society working on the basis of respect for human rights and striving to reduce systemic inequalities fulfill a critical function. Not only do they question powerholders and problematize oppressive norms but they also formulate radical alternatives. The roundtable will gather a network of critical actors focusing on Southeast Asia (particularly Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), comprised of researchers, activists and concerned citizens from within and outside the region. Working together through a series of cross-sectoral events and research agenda, they are sharing the commonalities in their engagements while reflecting on their sectoral specificities, in attempts to stimulate regional dynamics. They will engage in a reflexive approach on how the cross-sectoral dialogue can highlight the ongoing dynamics endured by social movements in Southeast Asia