EuroSEAS Affairs

EuroSEAS Board Meetings

The EuroSEAS board will meet twice during the conference:

Regional Constituency Meetings

The meetings of regional EuroSEAS constituencies will be held on Thursday, 30 June during lunch break (13:00–14:00), chaired by their respective board members. Members have the opportunity to discuss future plans and ambitions of EuroSEAS with their board representatives. We ask members to assemble in the following constellations:

At “Centres de Colloques” building:
Auditorium 150 – Germany
Room 3.01 – Italy, Greece
Room 3.03 – Central Europe (Austria, Baltic States, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland)
Room 3.05 – Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Room 3.06 – United Kingdom
Room 3.07 – Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)

At “Recherche Sud” building:
Room 0.30 – Spain, Portugal
Room 0.31 – Russia
Room 0.15 – Other Countries

EuroSEAS General Assembly

The general assembly will take place on Friday, July 1st, at 16:30 after the book prize ceremony, in auditorium 250 of the “Centre de Colloques” building. All members present at the conference are invited, as members of the association, to take part in the General Assembly. If necessary, the General Assembly will be held in duplex with auditorium 150.

The following points are on the agenda:

The extended term of Silvia Vignato is coming to an end and therefore we need a new President. If more than one candidate is put forward by the board members or the membership, the candidates will be asked to briefly introduce themselves and set out their vision for the Association. Then an election by show of hands will follow. If there is only one candidate, she/he will be asked to give an introduction and statement of vision, after which a show of hands can endorse the decision by the General Assembly.

Link for on-line attendance:
Password: vkN0#FKc