For this reunion after several years of only being able to meet online, the local organising committee is happy to present two exceptional concerts in Auditorium 250 for the EuroSEAS 2022 conference.

As space is limited in the auditorium, each registered participant will only be able to attend one of the two concerts. Reservations can be made through the “Conference participant preferences form” e-mailed to registered participants by the EuroSEAS secretariat.

Khmu singing and mouth organs from Northern Laos

Wednesday 29 June, 18:00, Auditorium 250

Speakers of an Austroasiatic language dwelling in Northern Laos provinces, the Khmu have a unique vocal technique called Teum. This vocal genre with an extraordinary colour is based on quick and chained transitions between two registers (head voice and chest voice), in a very rich alternating of timbres. Teum are improvised songs on themes of courting and romance, but also on the basis of local mythical motifs, or everyday anecdotes. They are sung along with one or several mouth organs (khene), signature instrument of the Lao musical landscape. This exceptional performance brings together Khmu singers, musicians and dancers from Laos, touring in France for the very first time this spring.

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Polyphème - Wassim Halal and Gamelan Puspawarna

Thursday 30 June, 19:20, Auditorium 250

Created in 2018 for the recording of a track on Wassim Halal’s album “Le cri du Cyclope”, Polyphème brings together seven members of the France based Puspawarna gamelan and percussionist Wassim Halal. An original repertoire was born from this fertile encounter, including creations arount rhythm and time, under the shape of a singular and audacious dialogue between darbuka and Balinese gamelan. This series of compositions and free improvisations scattered with obsessing leitmotivs invites the listener into a magnetising sound whirlwind.

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