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A History of Presence: Decolonizing Discourse around Early Modern Southeast AsiaLeonor Veiga
Affect in Sociality in Contemporary Southeast AsiaIsabell HerrmansIvan TaceyKenneth Sillander
Aiding Southeast Asia: Exploring further Chinese projection in Southeast Asia, 2000-2022Elsa Lafaye de MicheauxGabriel Fauveaud
Round Table
Alterpolitics in Southeast Asia: a cross-sectoral and trans-national dialogue
Gabriel FacalSaskia Wieringa
Ambiguity and its “Enemies” in Southeast Asian Islamic SocietiesIsmail Fajrie AlatasMartin Slama
Animism and Extractivism in Southeast AsiaJudith BovensiepenViola Schreer
Are Digital Platforms Solutions to Public Problems? Perspectives from Southeast AsiaCheryll SorianoGodofredo Ramizo
Artistic techniques and strategies for community survival and mutual cooperation in contemporary Southeast AsiaLuigi MonteanniMarianna Lis
Between the seen and the unseen: HIV in IndonesiaAnnemarie SamuelsBenjamin HegartyTeuku Ferdiansyah Thajib
Beyond Connectivity: Development and Emerging Challenges in ThailandKwanchit Sasiwongsaroj
Bordering the Unknown: Imagination and Liminal Space across Southeast Asian FrontiersChristian OesterheldEmilie TestardMichaela Haug
Civil Resistance in Southeast Asia: Patterns and EffectivenessDiah Kusumaningrum
Civil Society and Democratic Decline in Southeast AsiaMarco BünteMeredith Weiss
Civilian resistance to mass atrocities: Understanding non-violent, militant and alternative responses in Southeast AsiaClaire SmithEllen Emilie Stensrud
Climatic Precarity in Southeast Asia: Work, Risk and Exploitation under Climate ChangeLaurie Parsons
Compromising Democracy: Agents of Democratic Regression in Southeast AsiaJessica SoedirgoKikue HamayotsuMegan Ryan
Current studies in the epigraphy of Thailand and LaosGregory Kourilsky
Debating Southeast Asian Art and History: A Special Panel in Honor of Prof. Piriya KrairikshNicolas RevirePiriya Krairiksh
Democracy and Education in IndonesiaSaskia Schäfer
Democratic ‘Resilience’ and Civic Space in the Pandemic Era: Competing Forces, Adaptation and SurvivalVidhyandika Djati PerkasaWida Ayu Puspitosari
Disaster and Dispossession in Southeast Asia and BeyondDarmanto SimaepaElizabeth MalyIrina Rafliana
Drones, Governance and Civil Society in Southeast AsiaMonika Arnez
Encounters with Southeast Asian agri-food heritage at home and abroadEric P. OlmedoHart N. Feuer
Entanglements of Connectivity and Containment: Dispossession, Mobility, and Differentiation in Contemporary Southeast AsiaAdam SaltsmanAlexander Horstmann
Ethnographies of the Numinous: Exploring the Social Life of Phi in Thailand and BeyondBenjamin BaumannVisisya Pinthongvijayakul
EU and ASEAN: World Regions as Ecumenes in the Making?Nadine LobnerPaulo Castro Seixas
Final Presentation of Laboratory Results
Gender and sexual pluralism in Southeast AsiaViola Thimm
Gendered print cultures in (post)colonial Southeast AsiaKirsten Kamphuis
Historical anthropology in Asia’s communist highlands: Methods, Contexts, and EthicsJean MichaudPierre Petit
Histories of Philosophy in a Southeast Asian Perspective
Lara HofnerPreciosa Regina De Joya
Humour as Politics: Parody, Irony, and Satire in Southeast AsiaAntonia SorienteThuy Hien Le
Imagining the “West” in Southeast Asia: Construction, Deconstruction and ContestationJessica SteinmanKim Anh Dang
Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic in (Southeast) AsiaSurachanee Sriyai
Indonesian DiplomacyAmanda tho Seeth
Intellectuals in Intercontinental ConversationsJan MrázekPreciosa Regina De Joya
Joining or Making Worlds of Art?: Knowledge and Creativity in Southeast AsiaLouise LiwanagPearlie Rose S. Baluyut
Labour in the Time of Corona: Commoning, caring, and coercion during the Covid-19 pandemicSabina Lawreniuk
Language and Society in Southeast Asia: Communities, politics, and planningKarl SeifenLéa Mouton
Managing Elections in Southeast AsiaPetra Alderman
Medical Business at the Close of the Colonial EraWilliam Bradley Horton
Military coup in Myanmar: developments within the opposition.Helene Maria KyedMichael Lidauer
Mining in Indonesia: Present and Future challengesLaurens BakkerMohamad NasirMuhamad Muhdar
Myanmar’s Continuing Struggles: Coups, Crises, and Cycles of ViolenceMakiko Takeda
Round Table
Myanmar’s Uphill Battle and Prospects for Federal Democracy
Catherine RenshawChosein YamahataTerese Gagnon
Myanmar’s Uphill Battle and Prospects for Federal Democracy
Catherine RenshawChosein YamahataTerese Gagnon
Negotiating China in Southeast Asia: (re)thinking development via infrastructure schemesPhill WilcoxSimon Rowedder
New Terrains in Aceh’s History: Rereading Texts, Objects, and PracticesJessica RahardjoZacky Khairul Umam
Politics, ethics, and methods of research in post-coup Myanmar
Stéphen Huard
Power, Print, and Photography: Forging a women’s history of the PhilippinesAlvin Cabalquinto
Propaganda and Public Opinion Manipulation in Southeast Asia’s CybersphereWard BerenschotYatun Sastramidjaja
Re-imagining Agrarian Futures: Anticipation and Climate Change from BelowGerben NooteboomLaurens BakkerMichaela Haug
Reconfiguring the international Vietnamese diaspora and post Đổi mới migration: Citizenship, Networks and BelongingLan Anh HoangTamsin Barber
Religion in the time of Covid-19 in AsiaJérémy Jammes
Southeast Asia Libraries between Open Science, heritage collections and ethical standards of custodianshipJana IgunmaMarije Plomp
Southeast Asian studies in the Ibero-American research landscape: emerging postcolonial perspectivesAlberto Fidalgo CastroMarisa Ramos Gonçalves
Stagecraft and Representation of Cambodian Intangible HeritageStéphanie Khoury
TechnoEnvironments - Imaging TechnoEnvironments in Southeast AsiaArndt Graf
TechnoEnvironments - Methods and materialities in TechnoEnvironments
Martina Padmanabhan
TechnoEnvironments - Social power relations in TechnoEnvironmentsEva FuhrmannWolfram Schaffar
Technological Innovations and Changing Temporalities in Colonial Southeast AsiaKirsten W EndresOliver Tappe
The Centrality of Islands: Re-conceptualizing anthropogenic interference and natural processes in the Southeast AsiaEdyta Roszko
The Enigma of Authority: Conflict and Continuity in Thai PoliticsAndrew JohnsonDaena Funahashi
The Financialization of Everyday Life in VietnamMinh NguyenNicolas Lainez
The Life Cycle of Indonesian Migrant Workers: From Pre-Departure to ReintegrationNawawiRetno Widyastuti
The scope of diplomacy in pre-nineteenth century insular Southeast Asia: from treaty making to land bargainingBirgit Tremml-WernerElsa Clavé
Timor-Leste: the long journey from colonialism to independenceMichael LeachZélia Pereira
To heal the colonial wound: Towards decolonial practice of storytelling
Dimas Dwi LaksmanaHuiying NgNadya Karimasari
Transforming Houses in Southeast Asia: New Materials, Aspirations and ChangeRosalie Stolz
Transnational urban modelling in the city making in Southeast AsiaTran Khac Minh
Troubled ways of relating: Humans and More-than-humans in land strugglesCatherine ScheerEsther Leemann
Understanding Myanmar in mainland China (or the lack of it): recent reflections from the fieldYi Li
UNESCO Constructs in Context: Official Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asian States and CommunitiesI Gusti Agung Made WardanaRangga Aditya Dachlan
Urbanization and Migration in Southeast Asia: Exploring Sustainability and Social JusticeCholnapa AnukulSayamol Charoenratana
Vintage and “Vinastalgia”: The Uncertainty of Nostalgic Objects in Post-Reform VietnamAnnuska DerksChristina Schwenkel
Violence in Duterte’s PhilippinesSteffen Jensen
What’s in a claim? Making family, nation and territory in SEACheryl YinHilary Faxon
Zooming Out: Viewing Change and Continuity in Burma’s Opium Trade through Adrian Cowell’s The WarlordsJohn Buchanan