Mining in Indonesia: Present and Future challenges


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Session 4
Thu 09:00-10:30 Room 3.10

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Session 5
Thu 11:00-12:30 Room 3.10


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The extraction of mined resources -such as coal, bauxite and gold- is a major pillar of the Indonesian economy. It is also of great societal and environmental impact: mining operations take priority over other forms of land usage -which means that mining rights overrule plantation, farming or even settlement rights- and pollution from mining activities impacts land- and water quality in the broad vicinity of mines. Mining brings considerable wealth but it also causes problems. Out interest in this panel lies in how these two work out in relation to each other and we solicit contributions addressing this matter from one or more of the following approaches. 1) How do people involved ‘make do’ with mining? Ranging from local communities, miners and corporations, how do people make a living in (or despite of) mining? 2) How does the regulation of mining work out in practice? Legislation pertaining to mining is one of the most dynamic fields in Indonesia’s governance. What are its effects, how does it come into effect in controlling mining on the ground? 3) With phasing out of fossil fuels an increasingly urgent reality, what future is being perceived for (coal) mining areas?