Session 4

Room 0.19TechnoEnvironments - Social power relations in TechnoEnvironmentsEva FuhrmannWolfram Schaffar
Room 3.01Indonesian DiplomacyAmanda tho Seeth
Room 3.02Disaster and Dispossession in Southeast Asia and BeyondDarmanto SimaepaElizabeth MalyIrina Rafliana
Room 3.03UNESCO Constructs in Context: Official Cultural Heritage in Southeast Asian States and CommunitiesI Gusti Agung Made WardanaRangga Aditya Dachlan
Room 3.05Aiding Southeast Asia: Exploring further Chinese projection in Southeast Asia, 2000-2022 ❶Elsa Lafaye de MicheauxGabriel Fauveaud
Room 3.06The Life Cycle of Indonesian Migrant Workers: From Pre-Departure to Reintegration ❶NawawiRetno Widyastuti
Room 3.07Understanding Myanmar in mainland China (or the lack of it): recent reflections from the fieldYi Li
Room 3.08Gender and sexual pluralism in Southeast AsiaViola Thimm
Room 3.09Entanglements of Connectivity and Containment: Dispossession, Mobility, and Differentiation in Contemporary Southeast Asia ❶Adam SaltsmanAlexander Horstmann
Room 3.10Mining in Indonesia: Present and Future challenges ❶Laurens BakkerMohamad NasirMuhamad Muhdar
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