Aiding Southeast Asia: Exploring further Chinese projection in Southeast Asia, 2000-2022


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Part 1

Session 4
Thu 09:00-10:30 Room 3.05

Part 2

Session 5
Thu 11:00-12:30 Room 3.05



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Part 1

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Scholar works investigating relations between China and Southeast Asia are undertaking an important renewal since the rising international power of China and the adoption of the Belt and Road Initiative. The papers gathered in these panels will shed light on different processes and materializations of Chinese investments and development aid in Southeast Asia. Wishing to provide cross-cutting and multidisciplinary analysis of what we name the “Chinese projection” abroad, the contributions will explore the circulation and landing of China’s projects and capital in Southeast Asian countries, as well as the mechanisms of negotiation and partnership that shape them. By defending the importance of empirical and contextual approaches, we wish to contribute to the analysis of the role of Chinese actors and capital flows in the evolution of the regional politico-economic environment and in the transformation of territorial dynamics