Indonesian Diplomacy


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Session 4
Thu 09:00-10:30 Room 3.01



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As the world’s most populated Muslim-majority nation and third largest democracy in the world, Indonesia has in recent years shown strong efforts to play a greater role on the international parquet. Political authorities as well as non-state actors engage in forging new international alliances and promoting and nation-branding the country abroad which also
aims at stabilizing nation-building and politics at the domestic level. This panel discusses various recent changes, inovations, and trends in the practice of Indonesian diplomacy and focuses on the wide range of agendas, instruments, and actors involved. The individual presentations include discussions on the increased use of digitalization and social media for international information and communication dissemination, the underrated potential of Islamic popular culture for Indonesia’s diplomatic action, and the strategic deployment of the Indonesian Islamic academic sphere for the country’s diplomatic goals.