Urbanization and Migration in Southeast Asia: Exploring Sustainability and Social Justice


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Session 5
Thu 11:00-12:30 Room 0.17

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Session 6
Thu 14:00-15:30 Room 0.17


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The panel explores the nexus between urbanization and migration in Southeast Asia. As urbanization is the key engine of economic growth based development of this region, emerging urban environmental issues including land use planning, energy use, waste, toxic chemical use, transportation becomes sustainability challenges. While migration among Southeast Asia countries contributes to economic development of both origin and destination countries, migrant workers are excluded from urban development measures including housing, safety working conditions, social protection system. On the way towards sustainable city, migrant workers as a part of the city are mostly ignored. Although urban development requires migrant workers and economic integration is welcome among Southeast Asia countries, social integration of migrant workers is less concern and undocumented migrants becomes significant concern.

Bringing urbanization and migration together are our challenge as researchers and practitioners. Nexus issues might be urban food garden incorporating migrants, migrant workers in urban food system, gender economic equality and migrant care work, level of migrant economic participation and deserved social protection system, etcs. How could sustainable urban development integrate with social justice approach in case of migrant workers? What are barriers of sustainable urban development, which left migrants behind? What kind of social integration approach should be discussed? Contributions from any discipline in responsive with these theme are welcome.