EU and ASEAN: World Regions as Ecumenes in the Making?


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Session 9
Fri 11:00-12:30 Room 0.18



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This panel is about understanding the EU and ASEAN as International Regions in the Making. We aim at moving beyond the scientifically traditional economic-political explorations, towards a deeper understanding of social reality constructions that strongly contribute to the making-of-the world in the 21st century. Global dynamics, which are more intrinsic and complex than ever through the information age and network society, lead to new reality constructions within space and time. We argue that these global dynamics are in need of translations, which therefore enable an interaction compromise between top-down and bottom-up: political decision makers on one side, social actors and their identity building on the other side. Within this world-at-large matter which remains rather unexplored in socio-cultural debates, we aim at creating a constructive multidisciplinary debate about how social actors contribute to the shaping of shared world(s) beyond national borders.

Therefore, this panel targets the two main global players of the 21st century - both in economicpolitical and socio-cultural terms: the EU and ASEAN. Both regions provide a very rich ground of national diversities and identities which are in need of translation(s), through which the construction of transnationally shared human spaces will be emphasized: different Ecumenes in the Making. We invite social scientists from all fields who focus on case studies and conceptual frameworks that concern the understanding of the EU and ASEAN as ground(s) for mutual understanding between different nations, identities, realities and imaginations, potentially contributing to a narrative of an intra- and transregional togetherness. These can be about pop culture ideologies, social movements, a current Zeitgeist, beyond border imaginations… and others, which reveal the building of international regions from bottom-up as a constructive response to top-down dynamics. The EU and ASEAN are - due to their global relevance on innumerable levels - a rich ground for grasping and debating the future of humanity: Beyond border interactions and worldviews for promoting conviviality.