Session 9

Room 0.16The scope of diplomacy in pre-nineteenth century insular Southeast Asia: from treaty making to land bargaining ❶Birgit Tremml-WernerElsa Clavé
Room 0.18EU and ASEAN: World Regions as Ecumenes in the Making?Nadine LobnerPaulo Castro Seixas
Room 0.19Laboratory
Myanmar’s Uphill Battle and Prospects for Federal Democracy ❷
Catherine RenshawChosein YamahataTerese Gagnon
Room 3.01Southeast Asia Libraries between Open Science, heritage collections and ethical standards of custodianship ❷Jana IgunmaMarije Plomp
Room 3.02Civil Society and Democratic Decline in Southeast Asia ❷Marco BünteMeredith Weiss
Room 3.03Bordering the Unknown: Imagination and Liminal Space across Southeast Asian Frontiers ❷Christian OesterheldEmilie TestardMichaela Haug
Room 3.06Intellectuals in Intercontinental Conversations ❷Jan MrázekPreciosa Regina De Joya
Room 3.07Timor-Leste: the long journey from colonialism to independence ❷Michael LeachZélia Pereira
Room 3.08Negotiating China in Southeast Asia: (re)thinking development via infrastructure schemesPhill WilcoxSimon Rowedder
Room 3.09Reconfiguring the international Vietnamese diaspora and post Đổi mới migration: Citizenship, Networks and Belonging ❶Lan Anh HoangTamsin Barber
Auditorium 150Zooming Out: Viewing Change and Continuity in Burma’s Opium Trade through Adrian Cowell’s The WarlordsJohn Buchanan
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