New Terrains in Aceh’s History: Rereading Texts, Objects, and Practices


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Wed 14:00-15:30 Room 3.08

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The years following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami have seen an upsurge in interest in the Acehnese past. These recent studies of Aceh – in keeping with the trend towards global history – have emphasised not only broader Islamic connections, but also European relations with the Acehnese sultanate especially before the 19th century. New sources, such as recently digitised manuscripts and archaeological surveys, have enabled us to look afresh at the history of the people, religion, and culture of Aceh. New approaches, which include the study of Aceh through the lens of gender, the study Islamic history from a Southeast Asian perspective, and seeing Aceh within a north Sumatran and Indian Ocean context, have also greatly enriched our understanding of the region.

This panel aims to bring together these new sources and approaches to the study of Aceh in its broadest sense, from the inside and the outside, from the micro to the macro. We invite presentations on new and understudied historical sources, as well as new approaches – textual, material, anthropological etc. – on existing sources.