Session 3

Room 3.01Civilian resistance to mass atrocities: Understanding non-violent, militant and alternative responses in Southeast Asia ❷Claire SmithEllen Emilie Stensrud
Room 3.02Affect in Sociality in Contemporary Southeast Asia ❷Isabell HerrmansIvan TaceyKenneth Sillander
Room 3.05Propaganda and Public Opinion Manipulation in Southeast Asia’s Cybersphere ❷Ward BerenschotYatun Sastramidjaja
Room 3.06Historical anthropology in Asia’s communist highlands: Methods, Contexts, and Ethics ❷Jean MichaudPierre Petit
Room 3.07Violence in Duterte’s PhilippinesSteffen Jensen
Room 3.08New Terrains in Aceh’s History: Rereading Texts, Objects, and Practices ❷Jessica RahardjoZacky Khairul Umam
Room 3.09Myanmar’s Continuing Struggles: Coups, Crises, and Cycles of Violence ❷Makiko Takeda
Room 3.10Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic in (Southeast) Asia ❷Surachanee Sriyai
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