Myanmar’s Continuing Struggles: Coups, Crises, and Cycles of Violence


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Wed 14:00-15:30 Room 3.09

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Wed 16:00-17:30 Room 3.09


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Myanmar has been a country of struggle fueled by coups, crises, and cycles of violence perpetuated by the military institution. Although Myanmar’s first struggle for independence from colonizers was successfully obtained through the unity among its ethnic stakeholders and the majority, the people’s hope outlined in the Panglong Agreement to build an independent nation with equality guaranteed for its ethnic partners, had been destroyed by the assassination of its founding father. Moreover, the military-led coups and institutionalization of military influence in political, economic, and social spheres of Myanmar have resulted in negative impacts on the safety, peace, and prosperity of citizens and their communities at the centre and the periphery alike. The myriad of crises and the cycles of violence exacerbated by the 2021 coup have triggered a second struggle for independence in Myanmar: this time, to achieve independence from the military. This panel is designed as a platform to exchange ideas and assessment among the presenters, focusing firstly on the strengths and shortcomings of Myanmar’s political transition prior to the 2021 coup. Secondly, the discussion will focus on post-coup political currents including the collective defense by people against the coup and subsequent crises as well as the stakeholders’ efforts in building Myanmar’s new setting