TechnoEnvironments - Imaging TechnoEnvironments in Southeast Asia


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Session 5
Thu 11:00-12:30 Room 0.19


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In Southeast Asia, imagining TechnoEnvironments has been part of discourses of cultural modernization that can be traced back at least to the 1970s, for instance to science-fiction literature in Indonesia and the Malay world, but also non-fictional discourses on mechanization and automation. Technical imaginaries have since also been translated into national strategies to enter the “4th industrial revolution”, such as “Malaysia 4wrd” (building on “Horison 2020” / “Wawasan 2020”), “Thailand 4.0” or “Making Indonesia 4.0”. These political visions and strategies are widely embraced as future-oriented development plans. But we also find critical perspectives on (imagined) effects of modernization, mechanization, and mediatization in a variety of artistic examinations, contributing to public discourses and imaginaries on living conditions in TechnoEnvironments. These, in turn, are widely circulated and communicated via new media technologies, creating ever more mediatized TechnoEnvironments in Southeast Asia.

In this panel, we analyze the diverse imaginaries of TechnoEnvironments as part of discourses and future orientations in Southeast Asia. This includes different actors and drivers in the creation and pluralization of creative, argumentative, and narrative discourses but also the content and form of imaginaries, which are also subject to change in emerging TechnoEnvironments. The panel seeks to investigate these interrelated thematic areas from various disciplinary perspectives within Southeast Asian Studies.