Artistic techniques and strategies for community survival and mutual cooperation in contemporary Southeast Asia


Single Panel


Session 1
Wed 11:00-12:30 Room 3.08



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Ongoing and recent dramatic phenomena such as Covid-19 pandemic and climate change as well as civil and existential crises are threatening social groups throughout Southeast Asia with ever increasing pressure and tolls on the more fragile subjects, political assemblages and minorities, generating in response a plethora of different approaches and adaptation mechanisms transforming the social landscape in many ways. In particular, artists and artistic communities are progressively taking up the mantle of social enterprise employing constructively their creative know-hows as counterstrategies to such challenges.

The purpose of the panel is hence to invite scholars, researchers and activists to join this conversation in order to not only discuss how critical phenomena such as the aforementioned are changing the shapes and boundaries (both ideological and physical) of regional and indigenous communities of artists settled throughout SEA but more interestingly to consider which kinds of - either innovative, creative or even traditional - imaginative and expressive strategies, networks of care and narratives communities are engaging with so as to engender survival and cooperation in their area or relevant surroundings with the scope of harm reduction and mitigation, or simply to spread awareness about these issues. The presentations will be considering in particular which kind of impact (effective or supposed) said undertakings had or are having on social groups and the environment they inhabit.