Re-imagining Agrarian Futures: Anticipation and Climate Change from Below


Double Panel

Part 1

Session 6
Thu 14:00-15:30 Room 3.02

Part 2

Session 7
Thu 16:00-17:30 Room 3.02


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Part 1

Part 2

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The panel departs from the observation that interpretations, perceptions, and responses to climate change amongst (dis)empowered rural people facing emergent or disappearing livelihood options may erode predominant political projects (or capitalism) – both through everyday modes of resistance and through development of alternative futures – as much as social movements. The panel setup aims to connect speakers and the audience working on these themes and to develop collaborative actions in the field of research, teaching and societal engagement. We do this by combining short paper presentations with involvement of the audience. The presentations together with participants’ contributions will identify a research agenda and aims to develop an approach for unpacking the intertwined scenarios of agrarian-climate change. In each session, after three short presentations, the floor will be opened to the audience to share cases, examples and ideas. We invite the audience to share ideas and cases from all over Southeast Asia to generate a comparative understanding of lived experiences, resistance and alternative knowledges from below.