Session 7

Room 0.19Laboratory
TechnoEnvironments - Methods and materialities in TechnoEnvironments ❷
Martina Padmanabhan
Room 3.01Imagining the “West” in Southeast Asia: Construction, Deconstruction and Contestation ❷Jessica SteinmanKim Anh Dang
Room 3.02Re-imagining Agrarian Futures: Anticipation and Climate Change from Below ❷Gerben NooteboomLaurens BakkerMichaela Haug
Room 3.03Animism and Extractivism in Southeast Asia ❷Judith BovensiepenViola Schreer
Room 3.05Debating Southeast Asian Art and History: A Special Panel in Honor of Prof. Piriya Krairiksh ❷Nicolas RevirePiriya Krairiksh
Room 3.06Compromising Democracy: Agents of Democratic Regression in Southeast Asia ❷Jessica SoedirgoKikue HamayotsuMegan Ryan
Room 3.07Are Digital Platforms Solutions to Public Problems? Perspectives from Southeast AsiaCheryll SorianoGodofredo Ramizo
Room 3.09A History of Presence: Decolonizing Discourse around Early Modern Southeast Asia ❷Leonor Veiga
Room 3.10Ethnographies of the Numinous: Exploring the Social Life of Phi in Thailand and Beyond ❷Benjamin BaumannVisisya Pinthongvijayakul
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