Gendered print cultures in (post)colonial Southeast Asia


Single Panel


Session 1
Wed 11:00-12:30 Room 0.17



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Our panel engages with the question of how the analysis of print cultures may contribute to the study of gender in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asian subjects have reflected, and continue to reflect, on the meaning of gender in novels, newspapers, magazines and, increasingly, in online media. This panel is specifically interested in social and religious transformations with relation to gender roles. Print cultures are valuable sources for such questions, as they offer audiences a platform for discussion about a variety of topics, including gender. We also ask in which ways colonialism, as well as decolonization, influenced gendered print cultures, as colonialism in many cases imposed a strict supervision on public discourse. Lastly, the panel aims to go beyond the study of text by engaging with the materiality of print culture as well as its visual aspects.