Politics, ethics, and methods of research in post-coup Myanmar



Part 1

Session 5
Thu 11:00-12:30 Room 0.16

Part 2

Session 6
Thu 14:00-15:30 Room 0.16


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Laboratories are closed meetings for scholars to develop innovative cross-disciplinary plans, hence they are not open to the public. However, results will be presented during the final session.

This laboratory brings together geographers, anthropologists, linguists and historians, to collectively discuss and reflect upon the politics, ethics and new methods for doing research in a country marked by a political crisis. After briefly summarizing the commonalities and differences between each other experiences regarding coups and violence in Myanmar since the 1980s, the discussion will focus on questions of methodology (remote fieldwork and ethnography, access to archives, uses of existing materials, change of subjects/problems, temporalities) on the one hand, and on reflexivity and positionality (ethics of research in a violent situation, protection of researchers and their informants, perpetuation of collective projects with Burmese colleagues, perception of violence) on the other hand. Finally, we aim at questioning critically the specificities of Francophone research on Burma/Myanmar.